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We offer a wide range of quality CubeCart mods and CubeCart skins for CubeCart 3 and CubeCart 4.  If you have questions or need support please contact us.


Daren Clarke of will be handling sales and support. Regards, Estelle.

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Coupon Enhancements gives you flexible coupons with additional options including free shipping, customer use limit, minimum subtotal and product/category restrictions. Examples of coupons:

  • Welcome new customers with 5% off their first order (limited to 1 per customer)
  • 25% off the price of Product X
  • Spend over $75 and receive 10% off all items in Category X, Category Y and Category Z
  • Free shipping for orders $100 or more
  • etc...

Shipping Estimates allows customers to view shipping prices without having to register or log in. This mod is compatible with all of the standard CubeCart shipping modules along with many others.

Wish List / Gift Registry allows customers to setup a wish list or gift registry. This mod has a wide range of features and is very well designed. Only want the wish list features? No problem! The gift registry features can be disabled simply by changing a setting.

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