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Daren Clarke of will be handling sales and support. Regards, Estelle.

Frequent scenarios - please read!!

1. Looking for a mod?  Try searching our store:

2. Want to download a mod that you previously purchased?  Go to your account area

3. Purchased one of our mods and now want us to install/reinstall it for you?  Go to mod install service

4. Considering upgrading to CubeCart 4.4.7?  Click here for further information

  • We have a competitively priced service for Upgrading from 4.x.x to 4.4.7, contact us for a quote.
  • Or if performing the upgrade yourself, note that you will need to reinstall most mods after you upgrade your CubeCart version.  Before reinstalling mods always check you have the latest versions.  You can easily download the latest version of each mod from the Downloads area of your account.  For more useful information read our Hints & Tips.
  • We can also upgrade your store from CubeCart 3 to CubeCart 4, contact us for advice or a quote.

5. Want custom programming or a brand new mod?  Click here for further information

  • I am not available for custom programming or mod adjustments, for the foreseeable future!
  • If interested in one of my mods but you need changes made to it, feel free to contact me for advice.
  • For custom programming please try contacting Daren Clarke (
  • For skin/layout/design work please try contacting other mod authors or skin authors - be sure to read customer reviews before going ahead with anything.

6. Have a general CubeCart question, not directly related to our mods?  Click here for further information

  • Sorry, I cannot offer free or paid support for general CubeCart functionality.
  • For support within using the built-in CubeCart features, go to CubeCart official forums.
  • To buy a skin, add new functionality to your store, or for programming advice, go to CubeCart third party forums.


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