Backorders v1.1
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Backorders v1.1

This mod is for CubeCart 3.  (Not available for CubeCart 4)

This mod allows you to backorder items that have been ordered but are out of stock.

When an order has been placed but one of the items is out of stock, you can view the order details and for any products that are out of stock you can mark them as 'backordered'.  The products will be removed from the original order (*note: refer to Details below for more info) and a new order will be created containing just those products.  You then have two separate orders, so the original order can be dispatched without the out of stock products, and the new order can be dispatched later when the products are restocked.

Note: The new order that is created will have a status of "Backorder", thus allowing you to keep track of all orders which are waiting on stock to be replenished.


When a product is backordered, it is not entirely removed from the order.  Instead, it is marked as "Backordered", the quantity of the product is set to zero, and the value of the item is removed from the order totals.  (Refer to screenshot above)

The new order that is created for the backordered item will contain all the same details as the original order (i.e. customer invoice/delivery details, etc) except it will contain only the items that were backordered).  The tax and shipping price on the new order will be zero (since the customer has already paid these in their original order).  The order will have a status of "Backorder" to indicate that order is waiting on an item to be restocked.  When the item is restocked, the order status can then be set to "Processing" and the order can be processed as a normal order.

Version: 1.1  (Updated October 23, 2008 - Allow multiple products to be backorded simultaneously)

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.

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