Custom Product Sort v1.1
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Custom Product Sort v1.1

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.  Are you looking for a similar mod for CubeCart 4?

This mod gives you complete control over the display order of products in your storefront categories and also on your store homepage.

It allows you to quickly and easily rearrange your products into any custom sort order.  This is done by entering a sort key for each product, e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc (it is advisable to leave gaps between the sort keys so that future products can be easily sorted into the gaps).  The sorting can be done entirely through the Admin -> View Products page (you do not have to edit each individual product).  You can use the Tab key on your keyboard to jump straight from one sort key field to the next, straight down the column.  You can also adjust the sort key for an individual product when you are within the Admin -> Add/Edit Product page.

Please be careful not to confuse this mod with our Customer Product Display Order mod.  Both mods can be used within the same store, they complement each other.  Our Customer Product Display Order mod allows your customers to select a different sort method from the available methods, e.g. Most Recent, Most Popular, Name (ascending), Name (descending), Price (lowest), Price (highest).

New Feature!

  • You can now control the display order of the products in the 'latest products' area of your homepage!  You can choose a default sort order (e.g. most popular products first, or most expensive products first) and you can also have precise control over the order in which your homepage products are displayed.


  • Your custom sort order will be applied to the following four areas within your storefront: category (product listing) pages, sale items page, search results page, homepage latest products.
  • You are not limited to alphabetical ordering, or ordering by date... there are no limitations on the order in which your products are displayed.
  • The display order of your products can be changed quickly and easily - many products can be rearranged simultaneously.


Specifically tested for compatibility with: Customer Product Display Order and Previous/Next Product Links.  Compatible with all other mods available through Estelle's Mod Store.

Version: 1.1 (Updated April 16, 2008 - Added ability to sort homepage featured products, fixed MySQL error ("Table CubeCart_inventory doesn't exist") occurring on some web servers

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.

Licenses: One license allows you to use this mod on a single store only. If you wish to use this mod on more than one CubeCart installation, select the appropriate quantity for your requirements.

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Support: Full support will be provided for any bugs that may exist.

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