Product Accessories v1.0
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Product Accessories v1.0

This mod is for CubeCart 3.  Are you looking for a similar mod for CubeCart 4?

This mod is great for cross-selling your products!  Plus it may allow quicker shopping for your customers.

This mod allows you to add "accessory products" to any of your products. If the customer decides they want one or more of the accessory products, the product and any of its accessory products can all be added to their basket simultaneously.

Any product in your store can have accessory products setup. The "parent" product and any "accessory" products are all normal products in your store inventory. Accessory products will be listed on the product information page for the parent product, and each accessory product will have a checkbox beside it. Any accessory products that are selected (i.e. the checkbox is ticked) will be added to the basket at the same time as the parent product is added to the basket.


  • This mod features full support for product options, but please read the important note highlighted red below.
  • When setting up your product accessories you can choose whether each one should be selected by default (i.e. if the checkbox is ticked by default).


Important Note - Product Options

  • If an accessory product has any product options, all of the different combinations will be merged into a single drop down selection list (this keeps things simple and neat on the master product page). Notice in the first screenshot above how both the size and colour are combined into a single list.


The mod doesn't allow any special price discounts when accessory products are purchased.

The "parent" product and "accessory" products are treated as completely independent products within the basket - they are currently not treated as a package. The quantities of the parent product and accessory product can be updated individually without affecting the other.

Since the accessory product is a normal product in your store, the stock level for any accessory products will be decreased as per usual when it is purchased. This is a big benefit over trying to achieve the same functionality with regular product options (which aren't real products at all).

Version: 1.0

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.

Licenses: One license allows you to use this mod on a single store only. If you wish to use this mod on more than one CubeCart installation, select the appropriate quantity for your requirements.

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Support: Full support will be provided for any bugs that may exist.

Updates: Updated versions are provided free of charge, available to license holders upon request.

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