Quantity Discounts by Product Group v1.0
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Quantity Discounts by Product Group v1.0

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.  (Not available for CubeCart 4)

This mod allows you to define quantity discounts that apply across a group of products.  You select the group of products (they can be from any category in your store).

Patch available: Please download this Quantity Discounts by Product Group v1.0 patch and apply the patch files if you run into a MySQL Error during Step 3 of the installation.


  • Any number of quantity discounts can be setup by defining the minimum quantity required and either a percentage discount or a dollar discount.
  • When a customer adds the required quantity of items from the product group to their cart, prices of the items in their cart are automatically discounted.
  • If an item in the cart qualifies for more than one discount (e.g. if it has been assigned to more than one product group) only a single discount will be applied to this item (whichever discount is greatest).
  • Fully integrated with "Quantity Discounts by Category" - you can run both mods together.
  • Very simple installation (only 2-3 files to modify).
  • Database changes are installed automatically by the mod.

Important Note:

  • With this mod, information about the available discounts is not automatically displayed in your store. You will need to add this information somewhere within your store if you want it advertised to your customers (e.g. you could add information to your homepage, site documents, product pages, or to your category pages using my free Category Descriptions mod).

Version: 1.0

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.

Licenses: One license allows you to use this mod on a single store only. If you wish to use this mod on more than one CubeCart installation, select the appropriate quantity for your requirements.

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Support: Full support will be provided for any bugs that may exist.

Updates: Updated versions are provided free of charge, available to license holders upon request.

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