Quick Edit Product Options v2.2
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Quick Edit Product Options v2.2

This mod is for CubeCart 3.  Are you looking for a similar mod for CubeCart 4?

This CubeCart mod is useful for ALL stores that use product options.  It is a popular mod and is packed with features - read below for full details.

This mod makes it a lot easier to deal with product options. It allows you to quickly assign options to a product, or quickly remove them from a product. The Quick Edit Options popup window is accessible through Add/Edit Products and also through the navigation window. This popup window allows many option names & values to be assigned to a single product very easily. You can quickly assign all option values in a set, eg. S, M, L, XL. You can also update all of the prices for a product's options in a single go, update them all then click save!

You are also provided with a convenient drop down list of categories and products, so that within the popup window you can quickly switch between different products.

Bonus feature 1: This mod also gives you more control over the display order of your product option names and values. In particular, product option values (eg. Small, Med, Large, X-Large) can be displayed in any order of your choice - the order in which you assign these options to a product is the order in which they will be displayed in the drop down list.

Bonus feature 2: Do the different product options change the overall size of what is being sold? With this mod, product options can now affect the product weight, so that weight-based shipping fees will still be charged accurately.

Bonus feature 3: This mod allows product options to override the base product price (ie. set a new base price, rather than being limited to price addition/subtraction).

More Screenshots: (version 2.0)

Version: 2.2 (Updated 25 August 2007 - compatible with new "Percentage Prices for Product Options" mod.  Also note the changes in version 2.1 released on 18 July 2007 - changed "New Price" behaviour, fixed several small bugs, many other improvements)

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.

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