Stock Levels for Product Options v2.5
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Stock Levels for Product Options v2.5

This mod is for CubeCart 3.  Are you looking for a similar mod for CubeCart 4?

This CubeCart mod is perfect for all stores where stock levels need to be tracked for the various product options (sizes/colours/etc) of each product.

It allows you to define unique stock levels and product codes for each product's options, for example:

For Product A...
Size: Small, Colour: Red -- Stock Level: 10
Size: Small, Colour: Green -- Stock Level: 20
Size: Medium, Colour: Red -- Out of Stock

New Feature:

  • Product options that are marked as never available (or that are out of stock and cannot be purchased) are hidden where possible (** refer to note below) - i.e. they are removed from the set of choices presented to the customer.


  • Each product variant can have a positive stock level, or be temporarily out of stock, or be never available for sale.
  • Stock levels are updated following successful purchases (when the order status is set to 'Processing')
  • The stock level is dynamically updated on the product information page when the customer changes the product options
  • Each product variant can have a unique product code for inventory tracking.  The unique product code can replace or append to the standard product code
  • The product code is dynamically updated on the product information page
  • The product options which will be used for tracking stock levels (eg. Size, Color) is unique to each product
  • All necessary database changes are installed automatically when the mod is first used.

** Note: Wherever possible product options will be hidden when they are not available for sale.  However in some cases its not possible to hide the product options.  For example if colour 'Red' is sold out in size 'Medium' but still available in size 'Small', the 'Red' colour will still be shown.  If a customer selects 'Red' and 'Medium' a message will be displayed explaining that the selected size/colour is not currently available for sale and the customer will be prevented from purchasing it - they will be prompted to choose a different size or colour.

Version: 2.5 (Updated July 31, 2008 - Fixed javascript bug arising under particular circumstances only.  Previous version 2.4 released March 10, 2008 - Fix MySQL errors arising on some web servers only 'Table doesn't exist', 'Unknown column assign_key'.  Previous version 2.3 released December 12, 2007 - Fixed all XHTML validation errors/warnings caused by javascript code, HTML tags can now be added to out of stock / not available language strings)

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This mod is for CubeCart 3.

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