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Pro Image Manager CC4 v1.5

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This mod is for CubeCart 4.  Are you looking for a similar mod for CubeCart 3?

This image manager mod allows you to upload many images, instantly link the uploaded images with one of your products, organize your images into folders, list the images in a particular folder only, and more! It has advanced functionality, and yet its very easy to install.

This mod provides all the same functionality as my popular "Pro Image Manager" for CubeCart 3, but also allows unlimited depth of subfolders.


Not currently available, please view all of the screenshots above and contact us if you have any questions.


  • Create folders for sorting your images into, manage folders, delete folders
  • Upload an unlimited number of images at once - select each of the images, click upload, then get on with your other work!
  • You can then instantly link the set of uploaded images with an existing product - this feature alone is a massive time saver!!  The mod will setup the first uploaded image as the primary product image (if the product doesn't yet have a primary image) and all other images are setup as additional/secondary product images.  This feature is shown in the first screenshot above.
  • Allows you to move multiple images between folders, so you can organize images that have already been uploaded.
  • Any images which are corrupt or have a filesize of 0 bytes are highlighted clearly in red within the "Manage Images" page.
  • Very easy installation - upload new files, make minor changes to 2 existing files, and you're done!
  • Designed with maximum compatibility in mind.
  • Fully compatible with my Product Images with Javascript Preview mod ("Product Images with Javascript Preview" affects the storefront, whereas "Pro Image Manager" affects the admin area).

Version: 1.5  (Updated December 11, 2008 - Updated installation instructions for compatibility with 4.3.0 onwards, no need to upgrade if you are running 4.2.3 or earlier versions.  Previous version 1.4 released September 18, 2008 - Fixed CubeCart bug #1098 (Not able to upload image if same image exists in a different folder), Fixed CubeCart bug #1114 (Unable to delete images from folders), Fixed CubeCart bug #1201 (Rebuild of image database fails when there is an image in a subfolder))

Upgrading from CubeCart 3? If you have previously purchased Pro Image Manager for CubeCart 3 and you are upgrading your store to CubeCart 4, you can receive 50% off the cost of this mod.  Use discount code CC4-PIM when placing your order.  Limited to one use per customer, cannot be combined with any other offers.

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This mod is for CubeCart 4.

Licenses: One license allows you to use this mod on a single store only. If you wish to use this mod on more than one CubeCart installation, select the appropriate quantity for your requirements.

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