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Quick Edit Product Options CC4 v1.5

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This mod is for CubeCart 4.  Are you looking for a similar mod for CubeCart 3?

This mod is perfect for all stores that use product options.

It improves the Admin area of your store, allowing you to manage the product options associated with each of your products with ease. You can assign multiple options to a product simultaneously, you can update all of the options for a single product simultaneously, you can remove all of the options from a product simultaneously. Also allows your product options to affect the product weight, and more bonus features - read below!!


Please contact us if you would like to see a demo.


  • Allows you to assign/remove many options from a single product simultaneously. For example, you can simply click "Size" and the full set of size options (e.g. S, M, L, XL, etc) will all be assigned to the product!
  • Allows you to update all of the option prices for a product simultaneously.
  • Bonus Feature 1: Each product option can affect the product's weight. Very useful if your shipping prices are calculated by weight!
  • Bonus Feature 2: Your product options can override the base product price, rather than rather than being limited to price addition/subtraction. (For example, for a product that costs $20.00 a product option could have a price of $25.00, instead of +$5.00)

New features (that were not in the CubeCart 3 version of this mod):

  • AJAX live/dynamic search for switching between products. This means that when you finish viewing/updating the product options for one product, you can quickly switch to a different product and view/update its product options.
  • Bonus Feature 3: Quick actions added to the Add/Edit Product page allowing you to save your changes then immediately afterwards: assign product options to the product, add another product, or continue editing the same product.
  • Popup window is no longer used.

Version: 1.5  (Updated October 31, 2009)

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Upgrading from CubeCart 3? If you have previously purchased Quick Edit Product Options for CubeCart 3 and you are upgrading your store to CubeCart 4, you can receive 50% off the cost of this mod.  Use discount code CC4-QEPO when placing your order.  Limited to one use per customer, cannot be combined with any other offers.

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This mod is for CubeCart 4.

Licenses: One license allows you to use this mod on a single store only. If you wish to use this mod on more than one CubeCart installation, select the appropriate quantity for your requirements.

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