Allow Free Products and Orders v1.0
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Allow Free Products and Orders v1.0

This is for CubeCart 3. 

Part A - Free Products

Normally with free products, the Shopping Basket box and the Checkout pages will display a blank area where the price should be.  This mod fixes this problem so that any free products are displayed correctly as $0.00.

Part B - Free Orders

Normally with free orders, customers are given the same payment gateway options, and the customer may run into problems when trying to checkout (e.g. PayPal throws an error if an attempt is made to purchase $0 worth of items).

This mod also allows your customers to checkout even if they have a basket total of $0.00.  For all free orders of, instead of providing your customer with a choice of one or more enabled gateways, a special "Free Order" gateway will instead redirect the customer straight to the confirmation screen which will then display "Thank you. Your order was successful".

Files Affected:

Part A

  • includes/content/
  • skins/{YOUR SKIN}/styleTemplates/content/gateway.tpl

Part B

  • includes/boxes/
  • includes/content/

Version: 1.0


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