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Featured Product Box - Show Specific Products

This is for CubeCart 3. 


This mod will allow you to choose which products are shown in your Featured Product box. This is a quick and easy solution, very easy install, but please note that when you want to change the list of products which are shown featured, you will need to modify a source file (ie. download it, modify it and upload it).


Gather the product IDs for all of the products which you want shown in the Featured Product box.

Edit includes/boxes/randomProd.inc.php. Look for this code block:


    $whereClause = "WHERE cat_id=".$db->mySQLSafe($_GET['catId']);

} else {

    $whereClause = "";


Insert the following block of code after it, changing the "2, 4, 50, ..." to your list of comma separated product IDs:

$prodIdArray = array(2, 4, 50, ...);

for ($i=0; $i<count($prodIdArray); $i++)
    if ($i==0) {
        $whereClause = "WHERE productId=".$prodIdArray[$i];
    } else {
        $whereClause .= " OR productId=".$prodIdArray[$i];

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