Option to remove the rich text editor v2.0
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Option to remove the rich text editor v2.0

This is for CubeCart 3. 

This mod will disable the rich text editor (FCKeditor) so that you can enter plain HTML when editing product descriptions or site documents.

After installation the rich text editor will be disabled by default, but you can enable it at any time by going to Admin -> General Settings and changing the new 'Use Rich Text Editor' setting.  When the rich text editor is disabled this will affect the following areas of CubeCart:

  • Admin -> Add/Edit Product page
  • Admin -> Site Documents
  • Admin -> Homepage
  • Admin -> Email Customers
  • Admin -> General Settings -> Off line message

Version: 2.0 (Updated May 4, 2009 - now far easier to install and compatible with all CubeCart 3 versions)

Files affected:

  • admin/includes/rte/fckeditor.php
  • admin/settings/index.php


Download this free CubeCart mod here!

Note that installation of this mod involves editing files and uploading/downloading files from your web server.  If you are not comfortable doing this we offer a Mod Installation Service for a very reasonable price.

If you are new to CubeCart mods please read our Hints & Tips page.

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