Disable Order Acknowledgement Emails CC4 v1.0
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Disable Order Acknowledgement Emails CC4 v1.0

This is for CubeCart 4. 

Note: There is no longer any need for this mod in CubeCart 4.3.4 onwards. Standard CubeCart no longer sends the 'acknowledgement' emails to the customer.

This free CubeCart mod is useful for many CubeCart 4 stores.

CubeCart 4 sends an 'Order Acknowledgement' email to the customer when a new order is being placed. This email is sent before the customer completes payment for their order, so the email may confuse customers if they decide not to complete their order. Also two more emails, 'Payment Received' and 'Order Complete', are sent to the customer when the order status is set to Processing or Completed (respectively), so for most stores the 'Order Acknowledgement' email serves little purpose.

This CubeCart mod will stop the 'Order Acknowledgement' email from being sent.

(Note: CubeCart 4 also sends a 'Pending Order' email to the store administrator at the same time when the 'Order Acknowledgement' email is sent to the customer. But this 'Pending Order' email can be easily disabled by switching the 'Disable new order alerts' setting in Admin -> General Settings)


Download this free CubeCart mod here!

Note that installation of this mod involves editing files and uploading/downloading files from your web server.  If you are not comfortable doing this we offer a Mod Installation Service for a very reasonable price.

If you are new to CubeCart mods please read our Hints & Tips page.

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