Speed new customers through checkout CC4 v1.2
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Speed new customers through checkout CC4 v1.2

This is for CubeCart 4. 

This free CubeCart mod reduces the number of checkout pages by one for all new customers, so it is useful for most stores. Customers who already have an account at your store will go through the same number of checkout pages as usual.

For shoppers who are not logged in, normally when they view the cart then click the 'Checkout' button they will be taken to a page that has three sections, 'Repeat customer?', 'I do not have an account' and 'Continue shopping'. For most stores that have more new customers than repeat customers, this page does not serve much purpose and simply slows the customer down.

This CubeCart mod will remove this page so that shoppers are taken straight to the page where they enter their invoice details. It also adds information towards the top of the page: 'Already have an account? Please log in or use the forgot password feature if you cannot remember your password'.

Version: 1.2 (Updated September 10, 2008 - Fixed login redirection problem for stores that are installed into a subfolder)


Download this free CubeCart mod here!

Note that installation of this mod involves editing files and uploading/downloading files from your web server.  If you are not comfortable doing this we offer a Mod Installation Service for a very reasonable price.

If you are new to CubeCart mods please read our Hints & Tips page.

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