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Mod is short for modification, and refers to add-ons that can be installed to your CubeCart™ store to add or improve the functionality.

  • It is a good idea to keep a record of all mods that have been installed to your store.

Mods vs Modules

Although the terminology is used interchangeably by some, these terms have a slightly different meaning.

  • Modules generally refers to new features that can be installed simply by uploading new files.  Modules include: shipping modules, payment gateway modules, affiliate modules and alternate checkout modules.
  • Mods generally refers to new features that can be installed by uploading new files and also making manual edits to your existing files.  Mods are usually more difficult to install.


Skins, also referred to as templates or themes, control the look of your store.

  • In most cases it is best to choose your skin before installation of any mods.  You can choose one of the skins that come with CubeCart, you can purchase an 'off the shelf' skin or you can arrange to have a custom skin designed for you.
  • If you have already installed mods and you wish to change your skin, any mods that affected your skin will need to be partially reinstalled.

Upgrading your CubeCart version

If you are considering upgrading from an earlier CubeCart 3 version to the latest CubeCart 3 version, or from an earlier CubeCart 4 version to the latest CubeCart 4 version:

  • If you upgrade your CubeCart version after you have installed mods, the mods will often need to be reinstalled.  In general, shipping and gateway modules do not need to be reinstalled following upgrades, however almost everything else will need to be reinstalled.
  • Before upgrading, if your skin has the same name as one of the built in CubeCart skins, e.g. Classic/Caretta-Soft/KitaBlue/etc, take care not to overwrite your skin!  Backup all of your skin files, rename your skin folder and select the new name for your skin within Admin » General Settings before upgrading your store.

If you are considering upgrading from CubeCart 3 to CubeCart 4:

  • Mods that you had for your CubeCart 3 store cannot simply be reinstalled to a CubeCart 4 store.
  • Many of my CubeCart 3 mods are now available for CubeCart 4, and discounts apply in most cases if you have previously purchased a CubeCart 3 mod and you are buying the same/similar mod for CubeCart 4.  You will find full details within the product page for the CubeCart 4 mods (on the products where the discount is available).

Purchasing Mods

Some tips on purchasing mods:

  • Try to get as many mods as you can through the one author/store.  This reduces the chance of compatibility/integration issues arising when multiple mods are installed.
  • To avoid disappointment its worth doing a little research before making any purchases.  There is a list of people who provide CubeCart mods, skins and services within the Mod Store Ratings and Feedback forum.  The people who have received a five star rating and lots of positive reviews will provide you with a much better service.

Installing Mods - Uploading and Downloading Files (FTP)

To install mods you will need an FTP program so that you can upload and download files to/from your web server.  There are many different ways to do this (e.g. you can use a program such as SmartFTP, your web browser will have built in FTP functionality, or if your web server has CPanel you can use the FTP Manager within CPanel).  Note: If you do not feel comfortable doing this then you can purchase our mod installation service at any time.

  • For uploading and downloading files my recommendation is to install SmartFTP.  It is a free FTP program for Windows.  Download SmartFTP here.

Installing Mods - Editing Files

To install mods you will also usually need to make manual edits to text files.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this then you can purchase our mod installation service at any time.

  • If you are using Windows I recommend editing these files using Wordpad, or you can install a free program called "Notepad++".  Notepad++ has features that will help you including line numbers, syntax highlighting and matching of opening/closing braces.  Download the latest windows installer (e.g. npp.X.X.X.Installer.exe) at sourceforge.net.  For more information about the program please visit the notepad-plus.sourceforge.net.

Custom Mods - Hiring a Programmer

If you cannot find what you need within the range of mods already available, you can hire a programmer to write a custom mod.  You can contact me to request a custom mod.  If I am not available and you need to look for a programmer, please note the following:

  • The Mod Store Ratings and Feedback forum is very useful, it provides a list of people who specialize in CubeCart mods, skins or services, and it is the place where other customers will give their feedback.


Regular backups are a necessary maintenance operation for any online store.  If you are not sure how to make backups of your files and database - then find out!  There are two parts: files and database.

  • Files - Must be backed up before any mod installations.  If you have CPanel then go to the Backups area and make a "home directory" backup.
  • Database - If your store is live and is receiving customer orders you must make regular backups of your database.  If you are using CubeCart 4 then you can easily make a database backup via Admin » Maintenance » Backup.

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