Mod Upgrade Service
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Mod Upgrade Service

We offer a fast and professional mod upgrade service that involves upgrading your installation of a mod to the latest version, generating your license key if necessary, and performing brief testing to ensure the mod upgrade was successful.

Please Note:

  1. This service is for upgrade of any mods purchased or obtained from our store only
  2. You are responsible for making a full backup of your store files and database before purchasing this mod installation service.

Following Purchase:

Following purchase of this service you need to provide FTP login details and Admin login details by completing our Schedule a Service form.  To avoid any delays we recommend completing this form shortly after placing your order.

Completion Time:

After required information (outlined above) is provided:

  • Mod upgrades are typically completed in 3 business days
  • During this time you can continue working on your store (setting up your inventory, etc).  If any other installations are planned, its good to let us know, however its not essential.

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