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Estelle is an absolute genius

She not only can fix your problems but does so quickly. I am not an experienced coder. I have called upon her more than once and her expertise has saved me heartbreak and many, many hours of work and frustration. She helps when the CubeCart tech support will not. I have purchased her mods and find them to be of excellent quality. I watch her offerings and would not hesitate to purchase again and again. I would not look to anyone but Estelle for mods, installations, assistance and custom work.

- Ruth

The place for CubeCart mods

Estelle's Mod Store is the single best place to get CubeCart mods. The mods always work great, provide real functionality, and the support is awesome. Some mod makers don't reply to emails, provide no support but still charge you for something that may or may not work. Estelle is the best of the best and backs it up. I'd recommend her mods any day of the week. She's always the first I go to, and even if I find a similar mod elsewhere, I'll actually wait for her to make it herself, because I know it will work and I'll always get answers to questions.

- Christy

Quick Edit Product Options v2.2

I have a men's underwear store that hosts literally thousands of different options for colors and sizes. Managing the Options panel was a nightmare with CubeCart's current set-up. I honestly don't know how we survived as long as we did.

Estelle's Quick Edit Product Options has saved the day! THIS is the way it SHOULD have been done from day one. I am so glad we bought it and it was worth every penny!

Thanks Estelle!

- Rodney


We've purchased several cubecart mods from you over the last couple of months and have been very impressed with the thought you obviously put into designing them. Your "all in one" shipping module solved several problems that we had been struggling with for over a year.

Your products work well, but the best part about buying from you is the fact that your directions are easy to understand and written so that novice users can understand.

We really appreciate your work!

- Nina Fisher (14 December 2008)

Good Coding!

I'm a developer myself and when someone recently gave me heavily modified CubeCart - I started poking around in dread. How refreshing it was to see such professional code modifications. All original files backed up and changes commented well.

- Marius (8 November 2008)

Text Input Fields for Products

Thank you for the great service and quick installation of the above mod. The mod is even better and easier to use than I thought it would be, well worth the cost. Thank you.

- Kay Sercombe (3 October 2008)

Your Mods, Your generosity

I have to tell you that I'm using several of your free mods for CubeCart 3, and that I'm extremely pleased at both how well they work, and the fact that they are free. You're very generous with your free offerings.

Besides the mods themselves, I want to thank you for the valuable CubeCart information you also provide on your site. Your site is my FIRST stop whenever I have a CubeCart need or question because I know that I'll find either the solution right here, or I'll be pointed in the direction necessary to find it.

Now, I realize that generosity and altruism while nice, do not pay the bills. I look forward to having a need that brings me here to pay for one of your products in the future. I'm a newbie with CubeCart, and I fully anticipate visiting here often.

You're a rare bird!

- Rick Kalada (16 September 2008)

Pro Image Manager v1.3

Thanks Estelle for this fantastic mod! As my store has grown my images were all over the place.... but not anymore. You have saved me a lot of headaches. Keep up the good work!

- Russ Sanders (18 August 2008)

Sort Product Options, Category Descriptions, Allow Free Products & Orders

Estelle's CubeCart mods not only provide improved or new functionality for the standard CubeCart software, they are easy to implement thanks to clear documentation, great time savers and excellent value. Highly recommended.

- Greg Kendall (31 July 2008)

Text Input Fields For Products

I have used many of your mods with excellent results, but this one is the best. Great functionality and integration. I installed it onto a highly modified cart and it works perfectly. I have used it on a gift shop where each product has individual customer input requirements, so it has enhanced the functionality significantly.

- Matt Rees (26 June 2008)

Quick Edit Product Options

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Product Options Mod its cut about 30hours worth of mind numbing work into 2 hours, you are a mod superstar and you rock!

The mod was tricky but fairly easy to install and the instructions were very good no messing around and straight to the point, and the mod works beautifully.

I love you!

- Robert Devenney (25 June 2008)

Many Thanks

Many thanks again for your mods. I have used your mods on CC3, and have now used them on CC4. All clear and easy to understand.

- Peter Simons (18 June 2008)

Pro Image Manager (CubeCart 4)

This is fabulous! Will save us hours of time and is a great improvement over the default image manager in CC4.

- Chris Walling (1 May 2008)

Customer Order Confirmation Emails

Bought another mod from Estelles and I am very happy with it.As usualy very clear instructions,mod was up and runing very fast.Thank you again !

- David Kalat (29 April 2008)

All in one Shipping module, Advanced contact Forms, Custom Product Sort (CubeCart 4)

Estelle's mods work a treat and its great to have all the new options, even some that I didnt realise were included! Easy to understand instructions and up to date with the latest versions of Cubecart, excellent.

- Austin Guerrier (6 March 2008)

Custom Product Sort (CubeCart 4)

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the product sort mod on my website. Once you installed it, it only took me a matter of minutes to enter the product numbers and update the products into the order I choose.

Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service.

- Pat Hendy (18 January 2008)

Category Descriptions

Thanks for this free mod. It was just what my client wanted and your instructions were easy to follow, even for a beginner like me.


- Eric Murphy (6 December 2007)

Estelle's Mod Store

How business should be run! Estella’s products are great and her customer service is even better. Being new to Cube Cart, I found the instructions supplied easy to understand and use. I would (and do) recommend you my friends.

Thank you

- Rennae Matthews (3 December 2007)

Text Field Mod

Perfect result works a treat, A pleasure to do buisness with.

- Ken Czmeiduch (23 September 2007)

Pro Image Manager

I just wanted to say "Thanks". I love the mod and it was soooo much easier to install that the other image manager mod.

- Kevin Dyer (3 September 2007)

UK/EU/AU Taxation - Thank you for another great mod

Hi Estelle,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for another superb mod. The Eu Tax mod worked perfectly first time and was a pleasure to install. The functionality you include in your mods is fantastic and you often cover items that I had not even thought about. I had been struggling with Tax issues with cube cart, but this mod has solved them all! Thank you again. I look forward to my next Estelle Mod, they have all been wonderful so far and I couldn't reccommend your mod store highly enough.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Paul Drewett (10 August 2007)

Estelle - recommended

We recently added Estelles Contact mod to our site, we highly recommend this service, the after sales support is brilliant. Quality product with help when you need it.

- Mike McNicholas (1 July 2007)

It worked!

Thank you thank you for the free bit on how to get the Add to Basket button to redirect to the View Cart page. What a relief!

- Belinda (29 June 2007)


you have some of the best mods I have seen for CubeCart, keep up the good and appreciated work...Thanks!

- Stephen Plews (25 June 2007)

Product Pricing and Individual Quantity Discounts

Couldn't be without it, works really well, thanks for the install.
Best regards

- Mike McNicholas (25 June 2007)

Stock Levels for Product Options, Product Images with Javascript Preview

Hi Estelle! Thanks for the mods! It worked really great without any problems at all. Installation was so easy and the mods worked as described in your website.

I will buy from you again.

- Donna Maddox (15 June 2007)

Sort Mod

Your sort Mod is amazing. I designed the site for International Mobile and paid twice as much for a product similar to yours that was very inconvenient and extremely unreliable. Yours is three times better, with three times the amount of functionality, at half the price. Installation was a breeze. I will only buy mods from Estelle's Mod Store from now on. I recommend it to anyone. After using the Sort Mod I didn't feel right not leaving a testimonial.

- Stephen Baldwin (9 June 2007)

Your mods are WONDERFUL!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say that Estelle's mods are wonderful!! I have purchased the "Product Images with Javascript Preview v1.3" and the "Fully Flexible Contact Forms v2.0". Both of these mods were very easy to install and I am absolutely thrilled with them!! I definately plan to purchase more :)

Thanks Estelle!!

- Sherry Grandy (19 May 2007)


I have bought number of MOD from Estelle's Shop, and am happy beyond expectation; why?

1. MOD installation easy [ever, I know nothing about programming]
2. Takes couple of minute to install
3. Support is there [no matter how complicated]
4. MOD's are multi function enabled [i have shopped around more than 29 CC store for MOD trust me]

Superb, will get more MOD for sure...

- Tom Rahman (30 Apr 2007)

Quantity Discounts by Category

Hi, Just wanted to say that your mod worked perfectly, and is really cool too. Admin works perfectly and I love the pop up extra line. Thank you. Discounts up and running in a matter of minutes. Brilliant. Paul.

- Paul Drewett

"Contact Us" Email Forms

Best mods I ever purchased.  Everything works just fine and very straghit forward installation.  3rd time I buy mods here and they are great.  Thanks Estelle :)

- Feri Zekisson (9 Mar 2007)

FREE Category Descriptions

Thank you so much for your Free Mod for Category Descriptions... clear instructions and works beautifully.

- Peter Lurie (4 Mar 2007)

Related Products with Auto Search

I can not praise this mod enough ~ seriously :) We have over 2000 products in our shop and it automatically added the CORRECT related products just by reading the products description. This mod has saved me hours, days and possibly weeks of repetitive manual work. It took less than 5 minutes to setup aswell!

I will definately be recommending Estelles Mod Store and will no doubt return again soon to see what else I can use to improve the store.

-P.S: I have also used two of the Free Mods and they worked brilliantly too. Thanks again!

- William Villiers (26 Feb 2007)

FREE Category Descriptions

I just downloaded and installed your Category Descriptions Mod and I wanted to let you know what a GREAT addition it is to mu CubeCart store!  It is exactly what I was looking for.  Your installation instructions were flawless and easy to follow.  Thank You! Thank You!

- Toby Karlquist (30 Jan 2007)

Stock Levels for Product Options and Quick Edit Product Options

Just installed "Quick edit product options" and "Stock levels for product options".  Simple to install, exactly what i needed, and i'm sure they are going to save me lots of time and work.

- Carl Shepherd, Pagosa Springs, Colorado (29 Jan 2007)

Radio Product Options and Checkboxes

I have installed numerous mods for a new client of mine.  (http://www.jthorsenphoto.com/photo_store/)  I have found your copy and paste step by step instruction the most user friendly over all of the mods. Also your customer support is outstanding!

- John Greywitt

Visual Product Options, Related Products, Product Images with Javascript Preview

Great Mods! Just wanted to say that after purchasing and installing 3 different mods from your store, I've been very pleased. They were pretty straight-forward, and I was able to modify them a bit to my liking without much trouble, in order to tweak the layout. The "find and replace" step-by-step instructions were clear and easy to follow, even though one didn't make sense after installing a previous mod... however, it wasn't hard to address.

- Mike Summers

Visual Product Options

Thank you for for the great job you have done both in creating and installing the new visual mod on my CubeCart Store. The new mod is great and allows my customers to visually choose the product variations available... I've been live with the mod for just a few days and have had many positive comments from customers about the new section. Thanks again for your help.

- Christina Crane

FREE Return to Basket mod, Order Your Products

A big "THANK YOU" for your free mod contributions for cubecart. The return to basket and product order mods are great and make my store that bit more user-friendly for my customers. Keep up the fantastic work!

- Sarah James

Flexible Taxes, Product Images with Javascript Preview

Hello,I just purchased two mods,Flexible taxes and Product image and I am realy satisfied.Tax mod helps a lot,I am glad I found your shop.I look forward to purchase other great useable mods from you in future.Best regards David

- David Kalat

Category Descriptions

Great well written mods, so easy to add, great functionality and an essential addition to the cubecart package. Thank you so much. Will be looking at more mods soon, especially the related products and product image preview. Keep up the great work!

- CocoaAtHome

Customer Image Upload

Estelle went out of her way to help me. Of course all mistakes were operator error. I purchased the Customer Image Upload and Text Input Mod v1.0.3,, AWESOME! Every mod here is worth every penny! Including the FREE ones.

- BluesJamJim

Category Descriptions, Print Order Form Customer Email

Many thanks for making two very useful MODs (e-mail on Print Order and Category description) available.

- David Jenner

Text Input Fields for Products

I just wanted to thank you Estelle. You Text Imput mod is amazing. My design customers were asking for hosting to be offered as part of the package and i needed a field for them to add their domain name. This mod does the trick and more. Thank you so much.

- Andi Stevens

Text Input Fields for Products

Estelle, Just had to tell you that I bought this mod and it is exactly what I needed...I'm doing a store for a company that does custom embroidery on sports equipment - this is perfect. I am using a few of your other free mods as well...you are awesome!

- Phil Black

Quantity Pricing Mod

As a seasoned PHP/mySQL programmer, I was resigned to the fact I was going to have to create my own bulk discount mod, but was pleasantly surprised when I found Estelle's mod was already available. I'd previously heard good things about her work, and after installing and testing this mod, I can see why her reputation is so good.

Fantastic mod - thanks for making a CubeCarter's life that much easier!

- Jerry Higbee

Multiple Mods...

I have purchased Quick Edit Product Options, Text Input Fields, Quantity Discount, Related Products with Auto Search, Product Images Mod over the last few weeks.  I am very pleased to say that installation of these mods (even the major ones) are clear and follow a logical descriptive order.  Estelles mods are Very Highly recommended.

- Dave Davenport

Related Products with Auto Search

Just what our store needed, worked on the first try, instructions were simple and it only took about 10 minutes for me to finish the mod. Highly recommended.

- Matt

Text Input Fields For Products

If only I had found the Text Input Field Mod a week ago..,I spent hours modifying the original code and nothing looked good. Spent a little time on Google and found this mod. In a matter of minutes my problem was solved. Thanks!

- Brian

Related Products with Auto Search, "Contact Us" Email Forms

Hi Estelle, well done on creating some really nice mods. I've just downloaded and installed the Related Products and Email form mods, and both are up and running, and work a treat on my 3.07pl1 site. Thanks, Jason

- Jason

Quantity Discount Pricing

Easy and simple installation Estelle. Mod worked "right out of the box" by following the quick install for Cube Cart v. 3.06. Hopefully my customers will appreciate the more simplified, easy to understand way to make bulk purchases at an affordable price! Thanks, Dash

- Dash

Flexible Taxes

Estelle you are amazing! I am very impressed ? this looks like the answer to everyone?s tax question (not just North America) All I can say is ?wow.? You have breathed new life into our CubeCart projects and I sincerely thank you for giving us Canadian users the chance to use CubeCart.

- Kuni, Vancouver BC

Product Images with Javascript Preview

Just wanted to let you know that for the life of me I could not get the extra popup images to work. I bought your mod, installed it with no problems and IT WORKS!!!! I have extra images!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!

- Angielyn

Fully Flexible Contact Forms

It was easy to install with easy to follow instructions and seems to work flawlessly. Just what I needed. Thank you for helping me with it.

- Patricia, SegwayNM.com (where the contact form is being used for placing manual customer orders!)

Related Products with Auto Search

I have purchased the related products mod for cc3.06 fantastic works like a dream thanks

- Rachel

Product Images with Javascript Preview, Fully Flexible Contact Forms, Text Input Fields for Products

I purchased 3 mods from Estelle in the past 2 weeks. She has helped me SO MUCH. And not only with me integrating her mods into my site, but helped me with other aspects of cubecart that are totally unrelated to my purchases. Fantastic support. I highly recommend her stuff!

- Starlin, New York, NY

Fully Flexible Contact Forms

Estelle, I LOVE it! Another must-have add-on. Thanx

- Mark, Godley TX

Text Input Fields for Products

I?ve been using your add-on and love it! Great job. I appreciate your time and look forward to using your products again.

- Christopher, Bangor PA

Text Input Fields for Products

This mod is very easy to install and the admin/update area is very user friendly. I have VERY little programming/web knowledge and i installed this (with estelle's help) in little time. A++ on this mod. Thanks Estelle for all you help and tech support!

- Dan

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